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Whodathunk it…

If you’d told me ten years ago, or seven or more specifically just days before I met my wife in the fall of 2005 how good life was going to be and how much my music was going to be such a major part of life the way it has been, I’d a gave you a shot in the arm.

In these last two short, quick years I’ve gone from inactive ex-weekend bar rock star geetar wanker to someone who took a chance and decided to write his own songs, and it’s going better than I ever thought it would or could in this amount of time. But there’s nothing lucky about it…I have the most amazing and supportive life partner who told me to “go for it” She knew I was just going through the motions of life but without music being a focus or the centre and it was leaving me a wandering empty vessel at sea. I’m incredibly blessed for the miracle of my wife Erja. Second, I have my publisher SueCo Publishing. Ron and Sue Irving are another incredible blessing. They were pointed my way by Barry Stecyk of HevyD Music. Since then we’ve grown from forming a partnership to a working/co-writing relationship to great friends. There’s no end to the support and cheering from them. We can’t ever thank them enough!

I’m very happy with the songs that I’ve written and the ones still yet to be completed. I made a conscious decision when I began that I would write songs that were real, stories that need to be heard, my stories, others stories. Songs that say the things that we want and should say. Songs that peel back the layers and shine light into the dark corners. I believe I am doing that and I’m pleased that others are affected by them. I get some pretty amazing comments sometimes, folks say some of the most surprising things about how they’re reminded of times in their lives or people they know or experiences they’ve had that my song makes them reconnect with, it’s such a great validation.

So onward I will continue…stay tuned, I do.

Luke Isaac


Ghost of Tennessee

Here is a new song I wrote in honour of the late, great Johnny Cash, a man who definitely deserves it.

Ghost of Tennessee
Music & Words by Luke Isaac © 2011 SueCo Music Publishing

In ’32 a man was born
In a dry n’ hellish dust bowl
Where hearts and souls were torn
Sang music of the gospel
And tried to understand how poverty
Could possibly be

He stood up for his fellow man
Chose to fight for justice
With a guitar in his hands
Said, “I won’t wear a rainbow
Until every man can rise up from his knees
In black you’ll see me”

And if you listen to the wind
Blow through the trees
Well you just might hear the Ghost of Tennessee

 Well there were times he lost his way
And he danced before the devil
In the shadows of a cave
Then upon his darkest hour
His lonesome prayers echoed thru the night
‘Till he saw the morning light

And if you listen to the wind
Blow through the trees
Well you just might hear the Ghost of Tennessee

Well if you hear that whistlin’ train
See a bird upon the prison wall
Or feel a single drop of rain
Remember that his battle
Is a job he left for all humanity
For you and me

Even though he’s not a man
That you can see
If you listen very close
You will hear the Ghost of Tennessee

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Hello World!

Hey all! I thought I would post some recent happenings from my musical journey. I have performed quite a lot lately. Below are a few pictures from my performance at the 2nd annual “Journey On” Cancer Benefit at Gabby’ Country Cabaret. A great night of music and generosity. I believe they raised just under $8000, that’s fantastic! (photos courtesy of Bal Dosanj)